Do you know how to interpret ACCESS for ELLs Data and reports?

  • Do you know why there are multiple WIDA reports?

  • Are you using student language proficiency reports to make decisions?

  • Do you know how and when to use WIDA reports!?

ESL teachers often feel overwhelmed about the multiple ACCESS reports

But do you realize that of all data, ACCES for ELLs test data is the one data we MUST know and understand!

Most schools do not prioritize nor understand how to use English language reports!

No worries!

This is a result of lack of understanding and training of so many resources.

This course teaches you how to interpret and use the different types of WIDA reports. After this course, you will know which report to use with administrators and which reports to use with classroom teachers.

This is not your fault!!

But there is so much more you can do.

Discover how each report provides valuable information about your students and how to use student assessment results to guide and plan instruction for English language learners in your school.

Why Understand Language Reports?

Become an ESL teacher leader in your school!

  • Collaborate

    Collaborate with teachers and administrators using the appropriate reposts to help guide school-wide instructional services.

  • Learn

    Become an expert in understanding each ACCESS for ELLs report and learn to train others in your school. Showcase your expertise!

  • Analyze

    Discover how to analyze and use test results data to plan instruction for students based on specific language proficiency level needs.

  • Increase Productivity

    Share just enough data with different stakeholders to avoid overwhelming others

Data & Reports

Understanding ACCESS for ELLs Data and Reports

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Table of Contents

    • WIDA's Philosophy

  • 2

    ACCESS for ELLs Scores

    • Understanding WIDA Scores

    • What are Raw and Scale Scores?

    • What are Composite Scores?

    • Discussion

  • 3

    Proficiency Levels

    • What is a Proficiency Level Score?

    • What's in a Proficiency Level Score?

    • Key Points About Proficiency levels

    • Discussion

  • 4

    WIDA Reports

    • Understanding WIDA Reports

    • Introduction to WIDA Reports

    • Performance Definitions - Revise

  • 5

    Understanding & Using Individual Reports

    • Overview of Individual Reports

    • Scores in Individual Report

    • How to Use the Individual Student Report

    • Discuss and Share with Students & Parents

    • Collaborating with teachers

    • Check Your Understanding - keep and revise

  • 6

    Understanding & Using Student Reports

    • Overview of the Student Roster Reports

    • How to Use the Student Roster Report

    • Using Scale Scores

    • Reflection

  • 7

    Understanding & Using Frequency Reports

    • Overview of Frequency Reports

    • How to Use School Frequency Reports

    • Overview of District Frequency Report

    • How to Use District Frequency Reports

    • Check You understanding

    • Reflection

  • 8


    • Programming Decisions

    • Conclusion

    • Reflection

Know the Data!

Learn how to use each report and interpret your student data. Share and discuss with parents, teachers, and administrators!

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    You'll have 5 days to submit for a refund.

  • How do I know this course is for me?

    This course is for ESL teachers. The content in this course will prepare you with the essentials of using ACCESS test results and the reports available to you.

  • Will I have unlimited access to the content?

    Yes, you'll be able to start and continue at your convenience. No due dates or expiration dates.

  • Who created this course?

    The interpretation of using the ACCESS reports and data is my own but some resources come from the WIDA website which is available to anyone.

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